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Baseball Fundraising Ideas with Coffee/

A flavorful reminder to continue their support.

Make it your own.

As a fundraiser, you are always looking for ways to offer products that will appeal to a wide range of people, while also generating the most profit possible. One great option for meeting both of these criteria is custom coffee blends.


By partnering with a small-batch roaster, you can give your supporters access to unique, exclusive blends that they are guaranteed to love. Additionally, the higher profit margins associated with specialty coffee will allow you to maximize your earnings.


Whether you're looking for an awesome gift for donors or simply want to raise funds through sales of high-quality coffee, custom blends are a terrific choice! 

Let's get to work!

Choose Your Bean Blend & Coffee Flavorings

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Custom means you get to choose your beans, roast, grind, and flavorings. 


Personalize your products

Medium Roasted Columbian Coffee Bean

It's about improving the visibility of your business or organization, not ours.


Roasted To Order

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Freshness is important to us, that's why we roast all of our coffee locally and deliver or ship it within 24 hours of being roasted.


Delivered To Your Door

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Customers local to the Chattanooga, TN area will get to see our bright, shining faces deliver their products to their door. Customers outside of our local service area will receive their orders via FedEx or UPS.

Say hello to your new coffee friend.

Your name, your logo, your choice of bean, flavoring, and grind. We'll tell the a story with your very own uniquely profiled and branded coffee products.