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Want to add custom branding to a bag of fresh, locally-roasted coffee? We can help with that. Just send us a message and we'll work with you to get your brand mark, logo, team name, or any other custom branding on a bag of coffee. Thanks for considering us for your custom coffee needs. We're excited to see what we can create together!"


Spiced Coffee

Tenpoint's Spiced Coffee product line focuses on the delicate blend of fresh-roasted coffee and all-natural spices.

Private Label

If you like it, then you'll get to put your name on it. We'll be your provider of quality coffee products.

Kid with Basketball

Custom Fundraising

Custom branded coffee for fundraising. Boost your organization's visibility and raise funds at the same time.

The Freshest Coffee Is Locally Roasted

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Private Label

Choose from multiple coffee varieties, roast profiles, and blend options to develop your own branded house blend.

Sell Coffee

We partner with stores, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, vending companies, vacation rentals, hotels, baseball teams, influencers, fundraisers, and more.


Get started for under $100. Sold by the case, we offer ColdBrew Bombs, Bulk Coffee, Bagged & Sealed Coffee, and Single Serve Pods


We're a family-owned business composed of imperfect people, so when there's a problem, we'll seek to remedy it with care and compassion.

Fresh-roasted coffee beans.

Your community coffee roaster.

The Freshest Coffee is Locally Roasted

Our mission is focused on improving the quality and freshness of foods in our communities. 

Tenpoint does that by collaborating with community-driven entrepreneurs dedicated to bringing fresh, affordable, locally-produced products to every neighborhood in the Chattanooga area.


Let's Collaborate

B2B Product Collabs designed to improve customer loyalty.

Hype Man

We love our collab partners and we let the world know it. On top of that, we provide free basic label design, social media shoutouts, and more.


Get started for under $100.

Community Fundraising

Super duper profits and low minimum orders.

"Tenpoint has really lit my business on fire. Chris takes his time to educate me and my staff, and that knowledge has improved the quality of my product offering."

-Joe, Owner Sleepy Sloth Cafe


"We met you, tried some samples, and bought you out or K-cups at the festival in Collegedale a couple of weekends ago. The coffee we got is simply delicious -- I'm drinking a cup right now -- just strong enough, just right. "

-Phillip, Retail Customer

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