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Single-Origin Coffee

Imported from regional growers all around the world and roasted to perfection near Chattanooga, TN.

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What is single origin?

Where's your coffee coming from?

Single-origin coffee is coffee that has been sourced from a single country or region of origin and the coffee beans are traceable back to the specific farm or cooperative where they were grown. 

These requirements help to ensure that single-origin coffee is of the highest quality and provides a truly unique flavor profile. When shopping for single-origin coffee, look for a label that clearly states the country of origin. And the words "100% Single Origin Arabica."

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Single Origin Coffee

Hey Fundraisers! 



  • Your own custom coffee blend

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  • Fresh, Locally-Roasted Coffee Products 

  • Customized Fundraising Products for:

    • Schools | Youth Sports | Churches

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