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Custom-Labeled Coffee For churches, Fundraising, and Business Partners.

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Your Blend.
Your Brand.
Our Beans.


Build customer loyalty with fresh, locally-roasted coffee and customizable branding.

Let's Collaborate

B2B Product Collabs designed to improve customer loyalty.

Hype Man

We love our collab partners and we let the world know it. On top of that, we provide free basic label design, social media shoutouts, and more.


Get started for under $100.

Community Fundraising

Super duper profits and low minimum orders.


The more your customers see your brand mark. The more likely they are to buy again.

engage with your following

Thoughtful bean and roast selection plus branded tie-ins to create fun, limited-run products to drive engagement & demand.


Simple brown bags and stamped on labeling to full color foil-printed bags.

Social collab

We'll create collaborative social media content sharable for free across all your social media.

Fresh-roasted coffee beans.

Your community coffee roaster.

The Freshest Coffee is Locally Roasted

Our mission is focused on improving the quality and freshness of foods in our communities. 

Tenpoint does that by collaborating with community-driven entrepreneurs dedicated to bringing fresh, affordable, locally-produced products to every neighborhood in the Chattanooga area.


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Meet Our Friends

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