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Coffee and Desserts

Brewing Fellowship with TenPoint

Whether you're a burgeoning church community or a well-established congregation, TenPoint Coffee is your gateway to premium, distinctive coffee offerings. This includes our soul-warming Coldbrew Bombs, Seasonal Varieties to match your liturgical calendar, and Short-Run Collaborations to strengthen your fellowship and the way you interact with them in the real world.

if positive association were a smell

This would be it.


Showcase your Sunday service with a custom blend to create a deeper sensory experience in pursuit of member retention.

Product variety

We serve customers who enjoy coldbrew, hot brew, decaf, drip coffee, pour overs, and more!


Get started for under $100.

There's a reason people gather at coffeehouses.

We tap into the power of positive sensory association to deepen the connection between your church and its members. By linking the comforting ritual of coffee with your brand, we create memorable experiences that help to build and reinforce positive associations with your church. This sensory strategy enhances your outreach, reinforces community bonds, and serves as a consistent reminder of the comforting and welcoming environment your church provides.


How It Works

It's really easy to get going. We'll ask a few questions, run those answers through an advanced AI system, cross-reference the recommendations with our bean database and build a fully-customized bean blend guaranteed to earn a place in your sacred morning routine. 

colonel coffee.jpg

Chat with Colonel Coffee.

He'll ask you questions about your preferences, follow up with feedback about your responses, and then build a custom blend based on your conversation.


Blend Bot brews up something special.

Your preferences will pass through the forest of discernible truth and cross the river of unimagined ideations before settling in the land of possible outcomes where we'll find the bean blends and roast options most suited to your tastes.

coffee profile.jpg

Review your coffee blend profile.

We'll make a few recommendations based on our chat, and explain how we designed your blend with your own, sharable, coffee blend profile.


Place your first order.

Select your blend, upload your logo, and place your first order. 

Meet Our Friends

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