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Standard Shipping Practices

We use software to help us find the lowest rates from every carrier, but we usually ship small orders via USPS's flat rate service, and charge a flat, base rate of $10 for online orders.


Free Shipping is available for orders over $50.

Because we're always roasting the freshest, most delicious coffee, most small orders ship pretty quick; within 3 days of being ordered.​

7-day Quality Guarantee & Refund Policy

If you try our coffee for 7 days and you think it flat out sucks, send an email telling us why you didn't like it to with a picture of our coffee in the garbage and you making a sad face and we'll mail you a bag of whatever you were drinking before (Up to $12 value) with an apology letter for ruining your morning ritual.


It motivates us to do better and we're grateful even when we fail.


Food-based products are not eligible for return. All sales are final.

Branded Merchandise, Coffee Mugs, Promotional Kits, coffee brewing equipment, and other general merchandise are not eligible for return unless otherwise stated in the product listing.

For Defective & damaged goods

Send a quick video clearly showing the defect or damage to 423-488-6846 with your name and order number and we'll get a new box out the door and on the way as quick as we can.​

Tenpoin Store Shipping
Quality Guarantee


Large Orders for Retail and Fundraising

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Standard Shipping Practices

If you're outside our normal service area (Greater Chattanooga, TN and the surrounding counties), we'll send your order via the least expensive parcel service, usually UPS or USPS.


If you have a better negotiated rate with a carrier, we're happy to have you create the labels and send them to us to help reduce your logistics costs.

Most wholesale orders are roasted in consecutive batches and blended once all of the coffee has been roasted to maintain the most consistent, quality coffee possible.


Once roasted, orders generally ship within 72 hours.

Wholesale Coffee


Let's answer your questions

Where can we find your products?​

We're spread across multiple sales channels currently. You can buy many of our products directly through our website at, we're often at regional festivals throughout the Southeast United States selling food, ColdBrew, bulk coffee and bagged coffee, and white label blends roasted in our roastery are currently in about 10 stores throughout the Chattanooga, TN area.

Where did "tenpoint" come from.​

The first deer I harvested as a young man was a Ten point buck. It was also one of the more catchy-sounding domain names available when I went searching for available business names. 

Which coffee has the most caffeine?​​

Technically speaking, a light-roasted, low-moisture robusta coffee would likely yield the most concentrated amount of caffeine in a single cup of coffee. It would, however, also taste awful.

For a balanced blend of caffeine and flavor, a light-roasted, low-moisture arabica bean will do the trick nicely.

How long does it take to get my order​​

If you've placed an order through our online store, orders typically ship within 3 days of the order being placed. If there's a delay, we'll let you know. Once it ships, standard shipping estimates your coffee will be delivered within 5-7 business days once shipped.

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