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Bryden's Market

Family-Owned Business, Grocery Store

Bryden’s Market

Bryden's Market in Hixson takes pride in their selection of fresh produce, farm-fresh eggs, quality cheeses, kettle corn, and their standout fresh roasted local coffee. These, coupled with seasonal offerings like poinsettias, pumpkins, Christmas trees, folk art, and more contribute to an experience that transcends the normal grocery shopping experience.

The essence of Bryden's is in their commitment to community, quality, and value. More than a vendor of food and goods, they are part of the fabric of local life, forging deeper connections and memories with every transaction. It's not just a market; it's a Lakesite tradition.

Bryden's Market Blend

Bryden's Market's House Blend Coffee represents a triumphant synthesis of taste and expertise, exclusively crafted from 100% Arabica beans. Through expert medium-roasting, the blend manifests the profound, intricate flavors cherished by coffee lovers.

With an initial taste, the bold and earthy notes awaken the palate, laying down a robust yet harmonized foundation. This initial intensity is delicately tempered by a hint of sweetness, reminiscent of tropical essences. These flavors, when unified, form a balanced and invigorating composition that welcomes and rejuvenates.

The judicious choice of a medium roast preserves a delicate equilibrium between complexity and smoothness, appealing to a wide spectrum of coffee enthusiasts, from the occasional sipper to the true connoisseur. Whether sipped black or complemented with cream, the House Blend offers a uniform flavor profile that lingers agreeably, culminating in a satisfying finish.


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