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Immerse yourself in the lavish embrace of Velvet Volcano, a curated blend of Extra Fancy Kona and Organic Chiapas Shade Grown Coffee, each bean carrying whispers of the unique lands they hail from. Our blend is a homage to the serene slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai volcanoes in Hawaii and the cool, shade-dappled terrains of Chiapas, Mexico. Every sip is a journey across elevations and elements, unveiling the meticulous nature's craft in coffee cultivation.


The Extra Fancy Kona coffee beans, nurtured in the volcanic embrace of Hawaii, bring forth a delicate dance of flavors. With each sip, taste the gentle notes of plum and molasses harmoniously intertwining with the subtle richness of cocoa nibs, all caressing your senses like a soft, melodious tune.


On the other side of the blend, the Organic Chiapas Shade Grown Coffee, grown under a canopy of Mexican forest, adds a layer of smooth complexity, embodying the tranquility and purity of its shade-grown heritage. The slightly cooler climate of Chiapas casts a spell of serenity over its beans, nurturing them to fruition in a cocoon of natural harmony.


Roasted to a tender medium, each bean of Velvet Volcano releases its essence, creating a cup that is smooth, balanced, and poetic. The blend is a delicate equilibrium, much like the serene dawn breaking over a quiet volcano or the soft rustle of leaves shading the coffee cherries in a cool Chiapas morning.


Best enjoyed with others.


8oz Bag


Velvet Volcano Kona/Chiapas Blend | 8oz Bag

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